Sixteen years ago, I decided to pursue a life-long dream of becoming a photographer. Next to marrying my wife Becky, it was the best decision of my life.  Nothing has brought me so much joy, purpose, and passion as photography. I had a pretty crazy childhood: spending a year in Post-Communist Poland with nothing but my Dad's Nikon camera to help me pass the time, my love of photography started early.  I still have a letter I wrote my grandma during my stay telling her that I was going to be a photographer when I grow up.  My days of shooting black-and-white film taught me to get it right in camera, be patient, and wait for the decisive moment.  Those lessons still shape how I shoot today. 

If I can be honest, I am a person who longs for connection and appreciates beauty.  That is why I only photograph things that I love and inspire me: proposals, weddings, people, and ballet.  

In addition to being a photographer, I am also a high school teacher. I love connecting with students and teaching them the life lessons that have impacted me. Nothing brings me as much joy as seeing them pursue their dreams and succeed.  
When I am not shooting or teaching, I love skiing, travelling, and cooking for friends and family. If you love Italian food or smoked ribs, let me know; there is always a seat at our table for you. 

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As long as I have known Brian, he always had a camera in his hand. Now that we are married, we are so fortunate to have all of those memories documented and preserved. I think that was my first connection to the emotional power of photography: the importance, value, and connection to your photos grows as time goes on. 

Eight years ago, I joined Brian on weddings, helping him with lighting, assisting behind the scenes, and making sure the couple looked their best. Six years ago, I picked up a camera and haven't looked back. I love the creativity it has awakened within me and all of the moments I have been a part as a result of this journey. More than anything though, I truly appreciate the couples we work with. Our wedding was one of the best days of my life and to help give that memory to the couples we work with is truly a blessing.

When I am not working or skiing with Brian, I love to travel, practice my inner Joanna Gaines, take our Frenchies - Monte and Miles - for walks, listening to a good audio book, and spending time with family. If you have a favorite true crime book or podcast, let me know!

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