Akilah + Brent – Downtown Detroit

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Years ago, I photographed what would turn out to be one of the most nerve-wracking and yet enjoyable weddings in my career.  I was just a few years into the business and I was asked to photograph the wedding of a NFL player. (Imagine all 5’7” of me directing a 300+ lb, 6’5” defensive end and all of his equally intimidating groomsmen!)  The wedding was absolutely amazing for many reasons besides the fact that it was my first destination wedding.  Mainly, it was amazing because of the people.  While I have experienced it many times over the years, the bridal party and guests welcomed me like family throughout the weekend.  I wasn’t just the photographer, but a trusted friend.  Fast forward five years – imagine how I felt when I received an email from Akilah, one of the bridesmaids from that wedding, telling me that she was engaged and wanted me to be her photographer.  Touched, honored, ecstatic.  This is what I love most about photography; it isn’t just a job, but a journey that brings people into my life.

Remembering all of the laughs I shared with the bridesmaids during that wedding weekend, I was excited to reconnect with Akliah and meet her fiancé Brent.   I knew that he would have to be equally fun to keep up with her and he didn’t disappoint.  As we walked through downtown Detroit, Brent had us all in tears.  In between the jokes though, were moments of sincerity, tenderness, and love and it showed in the way he looked, spoke, and touched.  It was easy to tell this relationship is one for the ages.

Detroit Engagement Shoot