Grosse Pointe Academy Wedding

Grosse Pointe Academy Wedding

Monday, October 26th, 2015

It was a cold winter evening when I met Adrianna and her mom at a coffee shop to discuss her wedding. Normally, these meetings last an hour and a half, plus or minus a second cup of coffee and consist of brides looking at photos and me telling stories.  Adrianna was different; I say that in a good way.  She was so excited and enthusiastic not only about her wedding, but about her fiance, Chris.  She told me everything – how they met (their parents set them up by buying an extra opera ticket), how long they have known each other (childhood friends), how long their families have known each other (20+ years), their tastes and hobbies (paddleboard), what they do (Med School and lawyer), where they live (Caribbean)…everything.  It was heartwarming.  By the time our consultation was done, the baristas were sweeping the floors and emptying the last of the day’s grounds.  We had closed up the shop.  Adriana would have a Grosse Pointe Academy Wedding.

Their wedding day was very family-centric.  Everyone – bridesmaids and groomsmen – got ready at Adrianna’s parents’ house.  It was a gorgeous renovated house on Lake St. Clair.  Laughter, small talk, excitement, and a touch of chaos ensued as the morning passed.  Being so close to her dad, Adrianna wanted to do a First Look with her dad before seeing her fiance, Chris.  With her family and bridesmaids looking on in the background, Adrianna met her teary-eyed dad.  Next, it was Chris’s turn.  There weren’t any tears shed, but there were a lot of compliments exchanged and excitement building. Keep reading fro more Grosse Pointe Academy Wedding.

Keeping with the elegant theme of their wedding, we stopped at Belle Isle for their formals before heading to the Grosse Pointe Academy, where Chris, Adrianna, and others graduated from.  Here, a beautiful gothic-like chapel adorns and humbles the guests.  The chapel, still in its original state, has a rich history and charm to it.  Its wood floors creak and acoustics echo in the high ceiling hall.  The pews were filled to the point where it was standing room only.  They truly were surrounded by loved ones.  In front of family and friends, they said “I do” and began a night of festivities…with one surprise.  After their first dance, Chris invited all of the guests out of the tent and hosted a fireworks show for all to enjoy.  The show was especially significant to Adrianna – they stood in the same spot where Chris proposed.  As you can imagine, the night was magical.  Grosse Pointe Academy Wedding

Groom prep

First look with the bride and her dad

Wedding day formals at Belle Isle Detroit

Grosse Pointe Academy Wedding

Grosse Pointe Academy Wedding 2

Grosse Pointe Academy Wedding 3 Fireworks at the Grosse Pointe Academy Wedding

BTW Photography shot this beautiful wedding at the Grosse Pointe Academy in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.