Grosse Pointe Engagement Session

Jeff + Abbey’s Grosse Pointe Engagement Session

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

Sometimes you meet couples where their personalities and relationship are so strong, you throw out your photographic plans and go with the flow like a photojournalist, snapping moments as they happen.  Trying to do anything more than document is futile.  These are some of the best engagement sessions and photos – totally unplanned, spontaneous, fun, and full of energy.  This is Jeff and Abbey. Jeff and Abbey had a Grosse Pointe Engagement session.


Jeff and Abbey met while in law school.  While life would later take Abbey’s career in a different direction, she describes law school as the “best mistake of her life” because it was here that Jeff caught her eye.  Instead of studying, she was sneakily snapping photos of the cute guy behind her (she even has the photos on her phone to prove it.) That cute guy would later become her confidant, her boyfriend, and now her fiance. Grosse Pointe Engagement Session has held in the winter around town. 

Abbey wanted a winter-themed engagement session.  For weeks, we had unusually warm weather here in Michigan.  Some days in February hit 60 degrees!  Luckily, Mother Nature delivered and dumped fresh snow, blanketing the beautiful grounds of various Grosse Pointe landmarks, including the Edsel Form Mansion, Grosse Pointe War Memorial, and the Grosse Pointe Academy.   It was cold outside, but their laughter and constant affection towards each other kept them warm.

Grosse Pointe Engagement Session

Engagement session at the Grosse Pointe Academy

Grosse Pointe Academy and War Memorial Winter Engagement 3

Grosse Pointe Engagement Session