Happy Birthday BTW Photography!

Monday, August 17th, 2015

This weekend was a very special and memorable weekend.  Two very special couples united their lives together and invited me and my camera to join in their celebration of marriage.  As if that wasn’t enough to make the weddings memorable, it was also the anniversary of starting BTW Photography.  Ever since I was a child, I was drawn to photography and dreamed about becoming a photographer.  I remember going over my Aunt Cindy’s house and sitting with her pile of National Geographic magazines, looking through photos and thinking how beautiful the world is.  I was mesmerized by how much emotion, details, and stories could be told by a photo.  I felt connected to the subjects even though I didn’t read the articles.

Luckily, I was raised in a very supportive household where my parents not only let me play with my dad’s Nikon when on vacation, but to buy me a subscription to Popular Photography and American Photo when I didn’t even own a camera!  I remember getting these magazines in the mail and burying myself in them for two or three days straight, reading camera reviews, articles on “How to take Great Sunset Photos!” and cutting out photos that moved me and placing them in an organized binder, based on subject matter (these were the pre-Pinterest days.)  Best of all, I would scan and memorize all of the camera ads that were in the back of these magazines.  “Imagine if I had that camera!  1.3 MP!  3 frames per second!”  All of this work, reading, dreaming, and organizing images that moved me…and yet I didn’t even own a camera.

Fast forward and imagine how blessed I feel, every day, for the people I have met, the experiences I have had, the places I have seen, and the images I have created.  Weddings and engagements sessions in Cabo San Lucas, Houston, Lake Tahoe, Boulder, Fort Collins, Chicago, and Northern Michigan.  Commercial work in Hawaii.  Family portrait sessions on top of Breckenridge Mountain.  I have been there for the births of Sophia and Bridget, the proposals of Dan and Alyssa, and Ricky and Devin.  I have heard nearly 100 couples say their vows and devote their lives to each other on their wedding day.  When I sit back and think about the influence photography has on me as a person, few things match its impact.

In short, I want to say thank you.  Thank you for all of the likes, shares, double-taps, opportunities, risks, trust, and relationships you have shared with me and given me.  When I create a photo, I am honestly sharing a part of me with you and you have all been gracious and supportive in my journey.  I can only hope that my journey continues for a very long time and you are all along on the ride.



Shinola red notebook

It may seem like a small way to celebrate, but this is my 7th birthday gift to BTW. I hope to continue dreaming and write down goals, ideas, and dreams . If I am lucky, you will get to see the results.