How did you get that shot? Ryan + Katelyn’s Wedding at the Sweetest Heart of Mary

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure and opportunity to photograph the wedding of Katelyn and Ryan’s wedding at one of Detroit’s many beautiful historic churches – Sweetest Heart of Mary.  To say it was gorgeous is an understatement.  The day was perfect and flowed smoothly.  So smoothly that we even finished parent formals early!  With a few extra minutes to spare, I wasn’t going to let the opportunity to combine the beauty of the church and the beauty of the couple pass.  We walked about half way down the long aisle, set up our light, and started snapping.  Below is a short video, answering a question I received on Instagram  – how did you get the shot?  Surprisingly, it was relatively simple.  Check it out.


There are plenty of brands and variations of flashes, stands, modifiers, etc. out there.  While I now live by the motto, “If you are going to do it once, do it right,” I am not a huge fan of investing money into gear for beginners and amateurs.  Photography is hard work!  Take a look at all of the one-body old cameras on Craigslist!  You can pick up the last model for 50% off.  Everyone buys gear with the intention of using it and getting good at photography, but it takes a lot of practice and patience.  With that being said, start off cheap.  Then if you find yourself consistently using and enjoying the equipment, then invest in some nicer gear.  The photos you see below were used creating this gear paired with my Nikon d4s and 24-70 2.8 (a $6800 camera using $300 worth of flash…and it was the flash that made the photo what it is.)


Speedlight (off camera flashes) – Yongnuo 560 IV with triggers and Yongnuo 560 IV (no triggers) 

Lightstand (you will need 2) – Cowboy Studio 9′ or Impact 13′

Umbrella – Westcott 45″ umbrella

Flash bracket (buy 3 – always good to have an extra) – Fancierstudio Bracket B

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