Jim and Sarah’s Winter Belle Isle Wedding

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

I didn’t get to meet Jim until his wedding day.  Correction: I didn’t get to meet Jim until just a few moments before he walked down the aisle.  Imagine my part-embarrassment, part-hesitation walking into the dressing room at the church and not know who was the groom.  Throughout the day, I wasn’t able to interact or really mingle as much with Jim as I had wanted to; the “I do’s” and drive down to Belle Isle kept me relatively isolated and doing my job.  It wasn’t until the toasts that I got to “know” Jim and better understand his love and devotion to Sarah. Winter Belle Isle Wedding

Jim and Sarah met at work.  She was on a temporary assignment in a different department.  Jim observed from afar until it was her last day of work, when he approached her and asked her out.  Dates, Skype calls, and five-hour car rides to and from Chicago became the norm as their relationship flourished long-distance.  As the stories of Jim and Sarah continued, it became obvious the kind of guy Jim was – dedicated to Sarah with integrity and character.

As they danced their first dance, all the late nights, road trips, and sacrifices that led them to that moment easily became worth it.

Belle Isle Wedding Winter Belle Isle Wedding