Meadowbrook Mansion Wedding

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

Meadowbrook Mansion Wedding

When I first met with Terry and Shaina, it was obvious they were in love.  They were enthusiastic to meet, look, and discuss wedding photography.  They finished each other’s sentences and even ordered each others coffees at Starbucks.  When I asked Shaina to tell me a little about their relationship and wedding day so I can write something up to submit their portfolio to wedding publications and blogs, she didn’t just write something up but told me their whole story… They had a beautiful Meadowbrook Mansion Wedding.

“Terry & I met through mutual friends when we were all out one night. We both knew about one another but had never met. I put my number in his phone that night and said if he wanted to go out some time to give me a call. Sure enough he called me the next day, and our first date was a few days later. Terry had called me the day after our first date, to invite me over for a bonfire at his dad’s, who lives on a lake. Little did I know this was a party for two. He had a bottle of wine and a beautiful fire under a clear summer sky. We talked for hours, that was the night I fell in love with him. He proposed to me, that same way. He tricked me into thinking we were going to dinner with his dad and stepmom, and were going to meet them at their house first. When we arrived, there was a bonfire going by the water, and a bottle of wine. It was perfect! I couldn’t believe he remembered that night, and that was the night he had fallen in love with me too.  

I wanted the wedding to be all about love and romance. I wanted everything to be covered in candles and flowers. I browsed Pinterest mainly for ideas. We used quotes about love for table numbers as well. I wanted to incorporate “us” as a couple into the wedding too. We used music from the Phantom of the Opera for when I came down the aisle. My brothers and I surprised my father with pictures for father’s day years ago at Meadowbrook. The grounds are so incredible in the spring/summer for photos. I fell in love with the property and the history of the building that I knew that day, if/when I were to get married, that’s where it would be. Terry & I had talked about getting engaged last summer, and I being overly excited, had reached out to Meadowbrook to ever see if it was available for the following spring. Lucky me, there was two dates In May still available. Terry finally proposed in late October, after I had lost all hope of him popping the question. Once the shock and excitement had settled as I laid in bed that night of getting engaged, I immediately remembered emailing with Meadowbrook. I jumped up, found the email correspondence and emailed asking if the dates were still available. I heard back the next morning, there was 1 date still available and a couple was coming in the following day to take tour and possibly book for that date! I called them immediately and asked what we needed to do to book. They emailed the contract, I signed it and faxed it back. What can I say, I’m a girl who knows what she wants! It was fate!

Terry and I went to tour the venue and he instantly fell in love with it too. I love that it wasn’t just a typically hall, it was once someone’s home, and the history behind it all is beautiful, and to have been able to share that with our guests, was the best. My grandfather was always a huge influence in my life. He passed away a few years ago. Right before the ceremony started, I sat down with my dad and I became pretty emotional about not having my grandfather there to share the day.  As we started saying our vows to one another, the clouds broke apart, and the sun came shining down directly on Terry and I. I knew right then and there, at that moment, my grandfather was shining down on us. It was probably the most amazing and magical moment of the entire day.”

Meadowbrook Mansion wedding bridal prep

Meadowbrook Mansion Wedding bridal prep 2

Meadowbrook Mansion Wedding

Meadowbrook Mansion Wedding

Meadowbrook Mansion Rochester Hills Wedding 6

Bridal party at Meadowbrook Mansion Rochester Hills

The tent at Meadowbrook Mansion Rochester Hills Wedding

First dance between bride and groom at Meadowbrook Mansion Wedding

Wedding party reception at Meadowbrook Mansion

Shaina and Terry had their wedding at the beautiful Meadowbrook Hall on Oakland University’s campus.

BTW Photography is a preferred vendor at Meadowbrook Mansion Wedding.  The wedding took place at Meadowbrook Hall in Rochester Hills, Michigan at the Pegasus Garden. Photography and cinematography was by BTW Photography while hair and make up was by Ashlee Ann.  We are proud to call ourselves a Detroit wedding photography company.