Surprise Proposal in Lexington

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Surprise Proposal in Lexington

I am not sure who said it first, but they were right – photography is like a passport.  It allows you to go places, meet people, and experience new things.  As a photographer, I am often invited to witness, document, and help celebrate life’s greatest and most treasured moments.  Naturally, there is a hierarchy of these moments with births and weddings being near the top.  Near, but not at the top.  Just last week, I got a phone call that required me to put another stamp in my photography passport – photographing the surprise proposal of two lovebirds.  In my seven years of photography, this has only happened two other times with Dan and Alyssa, and Devin and Ricky.  Few people, not even the parents of the couple, get to witness such an event.  And yet, I was invited to capture it.  Surprise Proposal in Lexington, Michigan.


I have known Tom for a handful of years and quickly became friends with him.  He is one of the nicest, most sincere, gentle, unique, and genuine guys I know.  We have shared so many laughs and memories together.  Honestly, all of the memories have been great, including the time when he tried salmon for the first time while at a BBQ I hosted and ended up in the hospital.  Even then, Tom took it in stride, was cracking jokes while in pain, and posing for photos in his revealing robe.  Surprise Proposal in Lexington, Michigan.

When Tom called me out of the blue (we tend to text more than anything), my first thought was “he is going to propose!”  And I was right!  He bounced his original idea off of me, and while I was excited for him and Stephanie, I thought he could do better.  A week later, he came up with the plan that we ran with.  After a long romantic walk down the pier and a fake-out tying of his shoe lace while at the end of the pier after telling Stephanie “You know I love you…and we are all alone right now” (yes, you read that right), Tom brought Stephanie back to a quiet and secluded patio in Lexington.  I, along with the patrons of a nearby restaurant, were eagerly awaiting the moment.  These are the results…

Surprise Proposal in Lexington Surprise Proposal in Lexington, Michigan. Lexington pier surprise proposal and engagement session 3 Lexington pier surprise proposal and engagement session 4

As Tom began to slow his walk and stop, Stephanie’s frustration began to wane.  Her smile grew larger as Tom dug into his pocket and turned into tears as he took a knee.  “Will you marry me?”  Some nods, sniffles, hugs, and jubilation followed.  Women from a nearby hair salon emptied into the courtyard cheering.  Patrons from a bar banged on the glass.  Everyone was excited for what they just saw.  It was quite the sight to see.  After he popped the question, we spent an hour or so roaming around Lexington photographing a mini-engagement session.  I have never seen such excitement and authentic smiles.  Congratulations to you both!  I can’t wait to see what is next in store for you.