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Thursday, February 13th, 2014

I say it humbly – I am so blessed.  I have been given opportunities in my life that have changed me, shaped me, and grounded me.  One of those opportunities has been traveling.  In 1992, I lived in Warsaw, Poland and witnessed a country struggling to adapt to capitalism.  To a 12-year old, it was eye opening.  Years later, another opportunity came.  This time, it was Italy.  I lived in Rome for 5 months and documented my ventures on an old Minolta film camera.  The photos largely documented places and artifacts, sculptures and ruins, history and culture.  I was fascinated with the past to the point where I wanted to live in the past and even considered becoming an archaeologist.

That was 12 years ago.

Times have changed and so have I.  Now, I will be heading back, camera in hand with a new set of eyes.  No longer will I be looking to document the past, but to be inspired by it in the creation of the future.  My future.  When I studied the past, it was an inanimate story that did not change.  Today, photography has taught me that the best stories are ones that are animate, ones that do change, ones that are…the present.

One of the few photos I have of myself in Italy.  Venice.  2002

One of the few photos I have of myself in Italy. Venice. 2002

It has been seven years since I started the business.  With no business plan in place, I penned goals for the business and stuck them above my computer to stare at when I needed encouragement.  The most daunting goal I thought I had no chance of achieving, so I put it in all caps and bold, read, “In three years, BTW Photography will have revenues of $x dollars and reward himself with a trip, be it skiing, fly fishing, or Europe.”  I am a few years late, but with my camera in hand, I am ready to embark.  Ciao!