U of M Engagement Session

Monday, April 25th, 2016

When Tim, Jackie, and I were supposed to meet it was a typical midweek day in Ann Arbor: beautiful, sunny, traffic and U of M students everywhere, and no open tables at Starbucks.  As I awkwardly stood in Starbucks with my sample album and consultation folder, I weighed my options and my began to second guess my gut feeling.  I hit “send” before I could even think it through.   “Hey Jackie, Starbucks is packed.  Want to swap a beer for the coffee and meet at Sidetracks in Depot Town?  First round is on me.”  Her response was perfect, “Absolutely!  Beer is my my style anyway.  Tim could use one after his day.  See you soon.”  Our consultation consisted of Irish Spring Rolls (a Sidetrack Classic), a round of brews, 10 minutes of photography talk, 10 minutes of wedding talk, and two hours of bonding.  By the end, we stood up from our chairs knowing we would be seeing each other soon.  Being an Italian, I sometimes have to restrain myself  being affectionate with strangers; hugs are free and always offered.  Jackie beat me to the punch as we stood up.  “I am a hugger!” she exclaimed as she gave me a firm squeeze.  Right there, we decided to have a U of M engagement session.

I knew walking away from our meeting that their engagement photos would embrace something special solely from the couple they are and the energy they bring to their relationship.  The planning of their engagement session was as quick as the consultation.  When I asked where in Ann Arbor they wanted to shoot, they told me, “We love Ann Arbor, so, wherever you think.”  We spent the afternoon walking the campus, creating a gorgeous U of M engagement session.  Every time I shoot at U of M, whether it is for a wedding, an engagement, of even myself, I find new and beautiful places to shoot.  It is always inspiring.

We started our U of M engagement session at my favorite place on campus, The Law Quad.

Ann Arbor engagement session Law Quad Ann Arbor Law Quad U of M engagement session

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Next year’s clients are already starting to plan their U of M engagement session.  Lucky me!