University of Michigan Wedding

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Two years ago, I sat down at a table with some old friends at one of the weddings I was shooting.  It was great to catch up on what everyone was doing.  There, I got to meet Mike’s then-girlfriend Laura.   Their partnership was impressive.  Mike, co-founder of a data-based technology start-up with contracts with the federal government.  Laura was working on her Ph.D. in an equally impressive field.  They split their time between Chicago, where Mike’s business was based, and Seattle, where Laura was working on her advanced degree.  Despite the physical distance between them and demands on their time, their relationship was solid.  I joked with Mike later that night, “so are you next?”  He bashfully told me, “we will see.”  University of Michigan Wedding

Mike and Laura both went to the University of Michigan, where they met through mutual friends.  It only seemed fitting for them to begin their marriage where they began their relationship.  Both of them got ready at the beautiful Campus Inn, a luxury hotel located on campus.  From there, we headed to the Law Quad, where Mike and Laura quietly held their First Look under the towering oak trees.  With few onlookers since school hadn’t yet started, they had the entire Law Quad to themselves.  The afternoon was a casual affair with their bridal party and family joining us for formals before the ceremony, which was held at St Mary’s Student Parish.  On our walk to the church, we stopped by the Art Museum and other U of M landmarks before ending our night dancing and celebrating at the Michigan League.  University of Michigan Wedding in Ann Arbor. 

As the night began to wind down and the photography slowed, I couldn’t help but to be happy.  Mike is one of the most kind, intelligent, and hard working guys I know.  I know he will work just as hard at his marriage as he has on his career.  I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the unconditional love his wife will offer him.  Best wishes to you both…

Campus Inn University of Michigan Wedding Prep Bride

Campus Inn University of Michigan Wedding Prep Groom

University of Michigan Wedding Law Quad First Look

University of Michigan Wedding Art Museum

University of Michigan League Wedding Law Quad

University of Michigan League Wedding Law Quad 2

University of Michigan St. Mary's Student Parish Wedding

University of Michigan St. Mary's Student Parish Wedding 2

University of Michigan League Wedding

University of Michigan League Wedding 2

This wedding photography took place around the campus of the University of Michigan and included such locations as the University of Michigan Law Quad, University of Michigan Art Museum, St. Mary’s Student Parish, the Campus Inn, and the University of Michigan League.