Detroit Elopement Session with Aimee and Kyle

Monday, September 12th, 2016

It is funny how things work out.  Aimee called me and started off our conversation by saying, “I doubt you will have availability and I don’t know if you could do this but…”  and went on to tell me about her wedding and how, unfortunately, she hated her wedding photos from her destination photographer.  Unfortunately, it is a common story: couples go to paradise for their dream wedding and use the resort “photographer” only to have their dream wedding tarnished by the mediocre-at-best photos.  Aimee told me that they got to pick 110 images to keep and they struggled to even find 50.  The photography was a total disappointment.  These types of stories kill me as they are completely preventable.  At nearly every wedding, there is someone who will approach me after seeing my same-day slideshow of the wedding day and tell me a similar story from their wedding.  So when Aimee called and doubted if I could help, I was determined to.  Together, we planned the perfect Detroit elopement session.  

Rather than just photograph the family party Aimee and Will had planned for their guests who couldn’t make it to the wedding, I suggested we right the wrong from her original wedding and shoot a stylized Detroit elopement session before going and partying with her family.  She loved the idea and I started to dream.  Aimee and Will were the perfect couple to do this shoot with.  When I asked Aimee what she envisioned for her Detroit elopement session, she said “I will do whatever you want.  You are the professional and have the vision.”  With that, I wanted to mix a bit of elegance with urban decay.  I wanted to incorporate some non-traditional locations and backdrops into the session.  To achieve this, we stopped at some famous and some not-so-famous Detroit landmarks:  Belle Isle, an abandoned warehouse in Eastern Market, the train station, and Two James Distillery in Detroit.

I have fun shooting every wedding, but this was special in two ways: I got to have full creative control over their Detroit elopement session and I got to mend an emotional scar they had from their destination session.

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