International Banquet Center wedding

International Banquet Center Wedding Detroit

Thursday, December 20th, 2018

International Banquet Center Wedding 

I received a gracious email:

“Hi Brian,

I first want to apologize for contacting you so late. My initial wedding photographer fell through at the last minute, and I only became aware of your services through my brother very recently. He insists that your work is second to none, and even after looking through your portfolio for only a few minutes, I know that he was in no way exaggerating. I most love how your photographs allow you to feel and experience the moments you’ve captured. They all seem very real, not staged, and that is always what I have looked for in a wedding photographer.
Again, I know that this request is coming very late, so I completely understand if you are booked, but I would love to have you photograph my wedding day.
Thank you!”

Wow!  So many thoughts ran through my mind when I received her email.  I would love to help!  Your wedding is a month away.  We need to meet, talk, and plan!  Who cancels on their bride a month out from their wedding?  I hopped on the phone, chatted with Nina for a few minutes before we planned to grab a coffee and discuss her day.  Our coffee date went just as smooth, discussing details of her day, potential locations to shoot, a back-up plan for snow and rain, and create a customized package to meet her needs.  With exactly one month to go, we had work to do!

Nina and her bridesmaids got ready at her parent’s sangria bar, Sabrosa, in Shelby Township.   This cute and quaint bar was the perfect setting to match the warmth of Nina and her friends.

After Nina was ready, we left for St. Paul of Tarsus, where their ceremony would be help.  I love photographing at St. Paul for several reasons.  The church is bright and open, the priest is a wonderful lecturer who has a unique homily for weddings, and the angles of the church allow for beautiful photos of the ceremony itself.  Once here, I found Ted hanging out with his groomsmen and ready to get the day started.

After just a few minutes of prep, Ted was ready to see Nina for the first time.

One of the most touching parts of the ceremony was the homily.  Customary to St. Paul of Tarsus, Ted and Nina wrote letters to each other that were read aloud to the congregation.  The letter were heartfelt and genuine with moments of humor and saturated with love.  There wasn’t a dry eye by the end of the readings.

Speaking of humor, the priest accidentally called the groom “Tim” instead of Ted.  Luckily, he caught himself and we all laughed along with him, including Nina and Ted himself.  I have a feeling that moment will be laughed about and retold throughout their entire marriage.

After the ceremony, we headed down to Detroit and photographed at the Fisher Building.  It was my first time photographing a wedding there and I loved it!  The art deco and colors complimented the warm emotions surrounding the wedding.

After the Fisher, we spent a few more minutes with a quickly setting sun in Detroit, photographing the bridal party.

With the sun setting and the crew ready to celebrate, it was time to start their International Banquet Center wedding reception.

International Banquet Center wedding International Banquet Center wedding International Banquet Center wedding International Banquet Center wedding

After some heartfelt speeches with a few jabs and embarrassing quips, it was time to party.

International Banquet Center wedding International Banquet Center wedding International Banquet Center wedding International Banquet Center wedding International Banquet Center wedding International Banquet Center wedding

I love giving couples one last image to end their night with and cap off the final page of the album.  Photographing an International Banquet Center wedding is perfect because they have a rooftop with Detroit as the backdrop.  Unfortunately, it was cold, raining, and dangerous to be on a roof at that time.  Instead, we opted to for a hallway and a little photography trickery for their last shot.

International Banquet Center wedding

Congratulations Nina and Ted!  Your International Banquet Center wedding was gorgeous and memorable.  I am so glad we connected and I got to experience the day with you.