Old St. Mary’s and Lovett Hall Wedding

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Earlier this month, Kaushi and Jeff celebrated their wedding and did it in perfect elegance and Detroit style, visiting some of Detroit’s most beautiful venues including the Dearborn Inn, Old St. Mary’s Church in Greektown, and Lovett Hall on the Henry Ford Museum’s campus.  The morning starts off at the Dearborn Inn, where both Jeff and Kaushi got prepped and dressed.  Jeff had a string of bad luck and broke all three of his watches the day before his wedding.  Luckily, he is is quite the watch aficionado and was able to do some repairs in the morning.  The rooms at the Dearborn Inn offered a clean backdrop to photograph special moments between the groom and his best man as well as the bride and her maids of honor.  When Kaushi was getting dressed, it was a family effort with both her

mom and twin sisters helping her look her best.  Naturally, her mom shared some words with Kaushi that made her smile and ease her nerves before her first look with Jeff.  Together, they celebrated their day of love with their Lovett Hall Wedding. 

The Dearborn Inn offers so many beautiful places to photograph a wedding.  Jeff waited patiently in front of the guest houses in the courtyard while Kaushi made her way downstairs.  When the moment came, Jeff was all smiles and excitement, embracing Kaushi and admiring her striking beauty.  First looks at weddings always offer emotional moments and theirs did not disappoint.  On our way to Old St. Mary’s, we stopped at Wayne State University and met up with the bridal party for some quick photos before the wedding ceremony.   Donned in their classic black-and-white tuxedos and champagne-colored dresses, the bridal party looked stunning.  A Lovett Hall Wedding is considered to be one of the most desired locations for a wedding in Detroit.

While guests began arriving at Old St. Mary’s in Greektown, I pulled Kaushi away for a few minutes and snapped one of my favorite images of her wedding day: a triptych, or three image sequence that tells a story.  Here, her story was her beauty.  Illuminated by natural light, Kaushi glowed with elegance and beauty as she waited for her wedding ceremony to begin.  Next, they celebrated their Lovett Hall wedding in style.  

After her ceremony at Old St. Mary’s, Kaushi and Jeff held their wedding reception at Lovett Hall in Dearborn.  Prior to entering for cocktail hour, I pulled the bride and groom outside and worked with some of Lovett Hall’s classic architecture.  The white pillars and doors complimented Kaushi’s white wedding dress and framed both the bride and the groom perfectly.  With the sun starting to go down, I snapped my favorite shot of the day: Jeff and Kaushi in front of a row of trees being kissed by the sun.  While the sun is located behind them, I added in light using the Profoto B2 with a bare bulb on their faces to balance out the light.  In the end, the warmth of the light compliments the warmth of their love and creates a beautiful image for them to remember their wedding day by.  They ended the night dancing until their Lovett Hall wedding was over.

Dearborn Inn and Lovett Hall 1 Dearborn Inn and Lovett Hall 1 Dearborn Inn and Lovett Hall 3 Dearborn Inn and Lovett Hall 4 First Look at Dearborn Inn First Look at Dearborn Inn Dearborn Inn Wedding bride and groom Wayne State McGregor Conference Center Wedding Wayne State McGregor Conference Center Wedding bridal party at Wayne State McGregor Conference Center Wedding Bride and Groom at Wayne State McGregor Conference Center Wedding Old St. Mary's Detroit Wedding Old St. Mary's Detroit Wedding Old St. Mary's Detroit Wedding  Lovett Hall wedding Dearborn Inn and Lovett Hall wedding with Profoto B2 Lovett Hall wedding reception First dance at Lovett Hall wedding

Congratulations to Jeff and Kaushi on their Lovett Hall wedding!