Parker’s Alley Proposal

Sunday, January 8th, 2023

Two weeks ago, I received a call from a North Dakota area code. Wth so many spam calls, I ignored it and let it go to voicemail. Much to my surprise, a text came through. “Hi Brian, my name is Pranish. I saw your website and am hoping to propose to my girlfriend sometime soon.” Oh damn! I thought. I immediately called Pranish back and explained that I don’t get many calls from a 701 area code. After a few minutes of chatting, we set up a time to do some location scouting in downtown Detroit. I showed Pranish a few options, but as soon as we arrived, he fell in love with the idea of a Parker’s Alley proposal.

Parker’s Alley has quickly become a picturesque and iconic spot in Detroit. It’s location, tucked behind the Shinola Hotel and one block from Woodward, along with its charming ambiance, is the perfect spot for photos. One challenge with a Parker’s Alley proposal is the chance you run with bystanders. As we waited nearby, leaning against the entrance to the Evening Bar, many a bystanders pass through Parker’s Alley. Once Pranish texted us that they were on their way, we knew it was only a few minutes before the proposal would take place.

Pranish and Annie were having dinner at San Morello, an upscale Italian restaurant located around the corner from Parker’s Alley. As the turned the corner to enter the alley, I was playing defense, directing one group of locals towards the Skip Bar in the Belt Alley while also signalling to a mother and daughter to hold on one second as Annie unknowingly passed us. As I motioned to the mom and daughter, pointing at Annie and Pranish and then back at my camera, a smile crossed her face. She knew and pulled her daughter in by the arm, whispering into her ear what I could only imagine was a hint at what was about to happen: a beautiful Parker’s Alley proposal.

A winter marriage proposal in Parker's Alley Detroit.
A man proposes to his girlfriend at night in Parker's Alley Detroit.
A woman smiles as her boyfriend proposes to her in Parker's Alley Detroit.
A Parker's Alley proposal at night in Detroit.

A couple kisses at their Parker's Alley proposal at night in Detroit.
A couple smiles and embraces at their Parker's Alley proposal at night in Detroit.

I always love capturing the reaction of the fiance as she tries to wrap her brain around what just happened. Annie was all smiles and couldn’t stop looking at her ring and new fiance!

A fiance looks at her new ring at their Parker's Alley proposal in Detroit.
A couple kisses after their Parker's Alley proposal at night in Detroit.

After some candid celebration between Annie and Pranish, we decided to take some formal photos to commemorate their Parker’s Alley proposal.

A newly minted fiance smiles showing off her ring at Parker's Alley in Detroit.
A couple admires an engagement ring after their Parker's Alley proposal.
A couple smiles after their proposal in Parker's Alley Detroit.
Parker's Alley engagement photos at night.
Parker's Alley engagement session.
A couple smiles and embraces under the twinkle lights at night  following their Parker's Alley proposal in Detroit.

After their proposal, the bartender at San Morello came out and offered Annie and Pranish some celebratory champagne when they were done. This was the perfect was to kill some time. Unbeknownst to Annie, friends and family were waiting for her at the nearby Apparatus Room.

A fiance is surprised by her friends and family at the Apparatus Room in the Foundation Hotel.
A diamond engagement ring sits on top of the Apparatus Room menu.