Shepard's Hollow engagement

Shepard’s Hollow Engagement Session

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Shepard’s Hollow Engagement Session

There isn’t too much to say about Lyndsey and Greg.  Have you ever met a couple that are so nice and so at peace that you just click with them?  That is Lyndsey and Greg.  We met, talked, laughed, and started planning their wedding at our first meeting.  It honestly was just that easy.  When Lyndsey said they wanted to photograph their engagement session in nature and asked if I would be willing to drive up to Shepard’s Hollow in Clarkston, it was an easy “yes.”  Nature and architecture are my favorite backdrops so an afternoon with them in the woods was a perfect outing.

Shepard’s Hollow is a beautiful and secluded gold club nestled among a forest of pine trees.  It was incredible that we found so many beautiful backdrops for their engagement session all within a two minute walk from the clubhouse.

Shepard's Hollow Shepard's Hollow Shepard's Hollow engagement

This quickly became my favorite shot from their engagement session.  The lighting at Shepard Hollow is spotty and sporadic due to all of the trees; however, with a soft pocket of light, Lyndsey and Greg stood out from the background and their love became the subject of the image.

Shepard's Hollow Shepard's Hollow Shepard's Hollow engagement Shepard's Hollow engagement Shepard's Hollow engagement

With one last outfit change, the sun was starting to go down.  I was impressed with how their outfits were both stylish and complimentary.  Planning an engagement session isn’t always easy, but they definitely pulled it off.  If you are looking for some tips on how to plan your engagement session, you can find some info here.

Shepard's Hollow

After capturing the sunset, I wanted to get one last shot with the help of some strategic and balanced off camera flash.  The clubhouse at Shepard’s Hollow was the perfect backdrop to help tell their engagement story and create a beautiful end-of-the-night shot.

Shepard's Hollow engagement Shepard's Hollow engagement

Even though it is a year away, I am already looking forward to this wedding.  Best wishes you two!