Why should we hire you?

That is a great question with many answers. The best answer probably isn't one that I can provide; it is one that you, the couple, have already provided. Just read the reviews. Every couple has a story about working with me. Whether it is the sixteen years of knowledge and experience I bring to the table, helping plan your wedding day, or the anxiety I relieve by being a calming presence on your day, or the copious instructions I provide when posing you to make you look your best, or the beautiful portfolio of images that are hand edited, one-by-one, and delivered to you in about a month...everyone has a different reason why they would say you should hire me. 

However, this I can attest to: my business has grown every year because of the one guiding principle it was founded on: be the photographer I would want at my wedding. What does that mean? Someone who is professional; who takes beautiful, timeless images; who puts the needs and wishes of the couple above all else; who is helpful and holds your hand throughout the entire planning process; who is a source of knowledge and expertise; who gives my wedding the attention it deserves; who can make beautiful, emotive, and creative images in rain, snow, nighttime, and less than ideal locations; and who helps me with the things I don't even know about.   

Every year, my schedule books up without advertising in any of the major wedding publications. How? Because happy clients, armed with beautiful images and memorable experiences do the advertising for me. That, is honestly the greatest compliment and testament I receive - a referral from a happy couple.

How long have you been a photographer?

I picked up a camera and began shooting at twelve and started developing my own black-and-white film at fifteen.  I started the business and began photographing weddings at the age of 25, sixteen years ago. 

How many weddings have you shot?

Over 200 and am honored to call many of the couples I worked with my friends. 

How do you define your style?

Classic. Elegant. Emotional. Candid. 

My approach to weddings is almost philosophical - the moment always trumps the image. I don't want my presence to be felt and wouldn't interrupt a real, raw, emotional moment to adjust the bride's veil. I shoot for authenticity - no filters, no presets, no Photoshop. I aim to create the perfect picture in real life, so you relive and enjoy the moment as it truly happened.    

I am inspired by various influences that is consistent in my work: fashion (lighting and posing), photojournalism, respect for cultures, religions, and humanity, geometry in nature and architecture, light, lines, and love, among others.

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes. An engagement session is a great way to get comfortable working with each other.  Every couple is different; getting to know you and how to best capture your personalities and relationship best established during your engagement session.  Engagement sessions are also an opportunity to learn the basics of posing too, in a fun and laid-back environment. Just like your wedding, you receive an edited portfolio of the images with the right to print them.  

Do you offer video?

No. I invest all of my time into becoming an expert in the field of photography. I have worked with amazing videographers (and other vendors for that matter) that I am happy to refer you to during our consultation.  

Why don't you offer multiple packages?

Your wedding is unique and special, no? Customized to reflect your relationship, personalities, and priorities, correct? Your wedding images and photography package should be the same. After meeting with each couple and discussing the details of their day, I have a better understanding of what I need to create the images you desire and what you need to enjoy your day by being fully present both physically and emotionally in the moment.  To offer cookie-cutter packages is doing you a disservice and not giving your day the specialized attention it deserves. 

How many months in advance should we book you?

The short answer is: the sooner, the better. I have had couples book me on the spot after a five minute phone call. I have had couples book me for a wedding taking place later that week! I have had couples book me two years in advance.  

The long answer is: most couples book their venue first, then their photographer, then everyone else. With most proposals happening between Thanksgiving and February, couples start inquiring soon after about potential dates. May - October are my busiest months with every weekend booked. Holidays and the weekends surrounding them tend to be popular too - Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Black Friday, and New Year's Eve - are consistently booked.  Over the past two years, more couples are getting married in the "off season" of December - April.  

Can you hold a date for us?

Unfortunately, no. The most fair and equitable approach is first-deposit, first-booked. I have had couples book me over the phone and send me a deposit via Venmo for dates that I have met with other couples for. While I was flattered to receive the booking, I also had to go back and break the news that I was no longer available because they waited too long to make their decision.

What is your payment schedule?

Typically it is 50% non-refundable retainer and 50% due one month before the wedding. However, I have created payment plans for couples based to meet their needs. The balance of the contract is due before the wedding. Any additional hours provided on the wedding day (provided with your approval) are paid for after you come back from your honeymoon.

Do you offer discounts for off-season, holiday, or non-Saturday weddings?

If you love my work but have a budgetary concern, please just let me know so we can talk about it openly and respectfully.  

How many images do we receive?  

That depends on several factors. How many hours are included in the contract? Are you doing a first look? How much time am I travelling for during the day? For a typical 8-hour day, I average 1200+ delivered images. It isn't uncommon for me to deliver 1500-2000 images for a 10+ hour wedding.

Do you provide images in color and black-and-white?

Yes. I shoot about 5000 images per wedding and pick my favorite portfolio of images to edit. I then edit them all individually and upon completion, go back and pick my favorites that I think would look best in black-and-white. These tend to be more emotional, story-driven images or portraits. I edit those individually again, paying particular attention to contrast and shadows, then export them all for delivery. 

Are the images watermarked?

No. You receive an online gallery of edited, high-resolution images and the right to print them. 

Do you offer wedding albums?

Absolutely. Albums are the perfect way to display, remember, and relive your wedding day. Albums have come a long way since the days of dropping your favorite 4x6 image into a pre-cut frame. Each album is designed to thematically and artistically tell your wedding story. I begin by designing the album, then review it with you, and finally customized to your liking prior to printing. We use only the world's best lab in Italy to produce the highest quality heirloom albums. I offer three different types of albums to cater to the style of my clients. Because they are handcrafted they take approximately 8-12 weeks to print once submitted.  

I also offer parent albums, designed specifically with your family in mind. The album largely reflects the main wedding album but include more images from your parents' side of the guests.

Have you ever photographed a non-traditional, ethnic,
or same-sex weddings?

Yes, and they are some of my favorites. One of the best pieces of advice I can give anyone planning their wedding is to make it your own. Make it a reflection of your relationship and personalities. Having said that, I have shot non-traditional weddings and weddings from all kinds of ethnicities and religions: Indian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, LGBTQ+, same sex, Egyptian, Greek, Lebanese, Arabic...the list goes on.  I am honored when a couple trusts me and invites me into their culture. I can promise you: I will mispronounce things! However, I love researching and learning about the wedding traditions of different cultures and religions. 

Two of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is educating couples about the market and industry that I love and helping couples plan their day. Please, ask away! Contact me at brian@brianweitzelphotography.com or 586.354.0845. I would love to help.

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