Guardian Building Detroit Proposal

Guardian Building Detroit Proposal

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Planning a proposal is tough and nerve-wracking.  I know because did it.  I had about four different ideas of when, where, and how bouncing around until I finally decided on how I was going to do it.  (If you are looking for some tips on planning the perfect proposal, read this!)  As it turns out, Mark was going through a similar story: plenty of ideas and moving parts, which made pulling off the perfect proposal a difficult task.  I received a phone call from my wedding planner friend, Kate, the owner of Purple Clover Events.  “Brian, do you have Friday night available?  I am working on a gorgeous proposal.”  I looked at my calendar, I was booked.  “Let me see what I can do Kate and keep me up to date.”  Friday passed.  Radio silence.  The phone rings next week.  “Brian, do you have Thursday night available?  The proposal is still on!”  I was booked again.  Luckily, my client was very supportive of this opportunity and was willing to shoot the following day (thanks Chérie!)  Plans were made, details were hashed out, and Mark was going to be proposing to Maria inside of the Guardian Building in Detroit.  Mark pulled off the perfect Guardian Building Detroit Proposal.

Mark told Maria to get dressed up to celebrate his 30th birthday with a night out on the town in Detroit. Dressed to the nines, Mark and Maria stopped in the Guardian building, where a line of rose pedals and votive candles escorted them from the entrance, up the stairs, to an empty atrium, where a heart-shaped display of rose pedals, candles, and calla lilies waited for the couple.  Maria was a bit confused and Mark played it off well, until he led her by hand to the middle of the display.  After praising her and confessing his love, Mark proposed in one of the most romantic settings I have had the honor of capturing.  With a heartfelt smile on her face, Maria said “yes!”

Guardian Building Detroit Proposal Guardian Building Detroit Proposal

After everything sank in and Mark and Maria had a moment, Maria noticed me photographing the moment.  I was busted, but that didn’t stop them from smiling and celebrating.

Guardian Building Detroit Proposal

I always encourage couples to live in and embrace this moment.  Mark had champagne on ice waiting for them.

Guardian Building Detroit Proposal Guardian Building Detroit Proposal Guardian Building Detroit Proposal Guardian Building Detroit Proposal

Maria and Mark did a great job of just being present and enjoying the moment with each other.

Guardian Building Detroit Proposal Guardian Building Detroit Proposal Guardian Building Detroit Proposal

As the champagne flutes emptied, we took some photos together to commemorate their proposal at The Guardian Building.  Their celebration wasn’t over though as Mark had one more surprise waiting for Maria.  But first, we would hit the streets of Detroit to get there…Guardian Building Detroit Proposal.

Guardian Building Detroit Proposal Detroit Marriage Proposal Detroit Marriage Proposal

Waiting at Parc were Maria’s siblings and friends.  It was the perfect way to help celebrate their proposal.  More photos of the Guardian Building Detroit Proposal 

Detroit Marriage Proposal Parc

As the sun was setting, I wanted to capture one last image to commemorate their proposal.  Mark and Maria stopped traffic near Campus Martius before continuing to celebrate into the night.

Detroit Marriage Proposal


Congratulations Mark and Maria!  Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your beautiful and memorable proposal.  Another gorgeous Guardian Building Proposal.