rainy engagement session

Mariel & Adam’s Rainy Engagement Session

Monday, June 17th, 2019

Anyone who lives in Michigan knows that lately it feels like we live in Seattle. Right now, it is June and I am typing this wearing a flannel shirt and Carhartt snowcap in my house! I haven’t seen the sun in what feels like weeks. It has rained nearly every day for the past few months. Ugh. Sigh. I actually like cooler temps but not when it comes to engagement sessions or wedding days. Rain, rain go away. No one wants a rainy engagement session on their special day. Unfortunately, that is what Mother Nature had in store for Mariel and Adam.

Mariel emailed me asking if I would be willing to shoot her and Adam’s engagement party hosted at Adam’s parents house. Any time I can spend with the couple before their wedding day, I always say “yes.” I suggested we do a mini-engagement session prior to guests arriving, to give the some experience posing as well as some beautiful images to mark the day. When I arrived at Adam’s parents’ house, it was raining. Hard. There was no chance of us heading outside so we improvised and did their shoot inside. We started with Adam. His piercing eyes, magnetic personality, and humble confidence cut right through the camera. I felt like I was photographing the cover of Crain’s Detroit.

Next, Mariel joined him. She looked stunning when she greeted me at the door. Together, they were the perfect compliment to each other.

We used what we had available to us, including a short set of stairs. What I loved most about working with Mariel and Adam were their candids moments: you can’t fake a connection or smile like that.

The rain began to break a little bit, allowing us to step outside before guests started to arrive.

The rain lightened up just enough where we could venture out and take some photos outside. The umbrella was a little small, but I don’t think either minded.

Rainy engagement session
Rainy engagement session

Mariel was a trooper for these last few shots during their rainy engagement session. The ground was soggy. Getting to the location was like playing real life Frogger, avoiding puddles, muddy areas, and sinking. I promised her the photos would be worth it. I will let you decide.

Rainy engagement session
Rainy engagement session

At this point, guests were inside, ready to greet Mariel and Adam. There was a lot of love and support in that house. While I photographed the party, I think it is appropriate to end here, with the people who have loved and supported them from the very beginning: their family.

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