Twin Lakes Golf Club wedding

Twin Lakes Wedding in Oakland Township

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Twin Lakes Wedding

There is often times a common theme to my blog posts – you never know who you will meet and the role they will play in your life.  The Joyce family perfectly falls into that theme.  Our lives crossed and intermingled many times on many different levels, first with me unknowingly growing up across the street from their grandparents, then coaching their son Jimmy on the tennis courts, seeing the girls at school, and later photographing their eldest son Jon’s wedding.  That started the trend of me photographing their family’s weddings – first John’s, then Jill’s, and now Jenna’s.  Heck, I even sold my last house to Jenna and Matt thanks to Jill immediately responding to a Facebook post!  Anyway, let’s get to the reason why we are here – to look at Matt and Jenna’s beautiful Twin Lakes wedding.


Matt and Jenna started their day getting ready at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Lake Orion.  I love the church for its unique stone and brick architecture.  With the help from her niece Riley, twin sister Jill, and mom, Jenna transformed into a beautiful bride.  Truly, I was literally speechless when she walked out in her dress; she radiated beauty.

Matt was patiently waiting for his turn to get ready. With guests starting to arrive, we opted to find a quiet corner of the church for him to get ready with the help of his parents and brother.

With just a few minutes before she walked down the aisle and saw Matt for the first time, Jenna received one last “I love you” from Matt.

After the ceremony, we met up at Twin Lakes Golf Club for their reception.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous because the weather forecast called for rain.  Luckily, it held up nearly all day, allowing us to photograph in some idyllic locations.

We love all bridesmaids, but these four have been best of friends for the longest time.

Twin Lakes wedding Twin Lakes wedding Twin Lakes wedding

It didn’t take much for the bridal party to have some fun and show Matt and Jenna some encouragement.

Twin Lakes wedding

With the bridal party photos done, it was time for Jenna and Matt to enjoy some time together as husband and wife.

Twin Lakes wedding Twin Lakes wedding Twin Lakes wedding Twin Lakes wedding Twin Lakes wedding Twin Lakes wedding Twin Lakes wedding Twin Lakes wedding Twin Lakes wedding Twin Lakes wedding Twin Lakes wedding

I could have stayed out there for hours photographing them.  Every time we started heading back in, I would stop the golf cart and beg them for just a few more photos at a new location.  Once the reception started, the hilarity and love ensued.

Twin Lakes wedding

That cheeky, embarrassing look Jenna has one right there, I actually shared with her behind my camera.  Jill was telling a story about how smart Jenna is in many things, but not all things.  One time, Jenna complained about how difficult the wrapping on dish washer tablets is to take off, not knowing that the wrapping dissolves in the hot water.  While everyone was having a good laugh at her expense, I embarrassing smirked and looked over at Becky…I am guilty of complaining about the same thing!  She never lets me forget that when I load the dishwasher.  So Jenna, we are in good company.

Twin Lakes Golf Club wedding

With speeches out of the way and libations flowing, it was time to dance and party.

Twin Lakes Golf Club wedding Twin Lakes Golf Club wedding Twin Lakes Golf Club wedding

Best wishes Matt and Jenna!  You had a beautiful Twin Lakes wedding, surrounded by family and friends that love you.