Wolcott Mill Wedding

Wolcott Mill Wedding

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

When I met with Kate and Mike to discuss their wedding, it was obvious from their personalities and the way they spoke of their family that their wedding would not only be fun, it would focus on relationships: the relationships with each other, with family, with friends, and everyone else who has played a role in their lives.  Kate and Mike didn’t want the focus to be on them, but on everyone.  Their wedding was just as much a celebration of the love they have for each other as it was a celebration for the love they have for everyone in their life.  With that type of environment, it was so enjoyable to be present for their big day.  Kate and Mike had a gorgeous Wolcott Mill Wedding.

Kate got ready with the help of her sister, Michelle.  Inside jokes were cracked, personal boundaries were broken, and uncontrollable laughter ensued.   It didn’t take much for Kate to look gorgeous.  Before leaving for Wolcott Mill, Kate shared a first look with her dad.  Next up was the Wolcott Mill wedding. 

Wolcott Mill Wedding Prep Wolcott Mill Wedding Prep

Mike was waiting patiently at Wolcott Mill for his bride to arrive.  Together, they shared a loving first look of each other before their ceremony.  Keep scrolling for more Wolcott Mill wedding.

Wolcott Mill Wedding First Look Wolcott Mill Wedding First Look Wolcott Mill Wedding Bride

Wolcott Mill was the perfect backdrop for Kate and Mike’s elegant, yet laid-back style.

Wolcott Mill Wedding Wolcott Mill Wedding Wolcott Mill Wedding Wolcott Mill Wedding Wolcott Mill Wedding Wolcott Mill Wedding Bride

After their first look and formals, Kate and Mike’s bridal party joined us for a few photos.

Wolcott Mill Wedding Bridesmaids Wolcott Mill Wedding Groomsmen

With the formal photos done, we headed to Zuccaro’s, where Kate and Mike had their ceremony and reception.  Before Kate walked down the aisle, she requested a photo of her mom, grandma, and sister’s wedding rings.  With everything this photo represents, it quickly became my favorite from that night.

Kate and Mike’s grandmas nearly stole everyone’s hearts when they arrived as the flower girls.  I love it when grandmas play the role of the flower girl, as they did in this wedding.